400 McCowan Mural, Scarborough

The following is a post that I’ve brought over from my original blog where I wrote about exhibitions, career highlights etc. in the 3rd person.

On Thurs, there was an unveiling ceremony at 400 McCowan, for the mural Donna was commissioned to paint by the City of Toronto. The rope was pulled by Councillor Glenn De Baeremaeker and some of the tenants. The community had held a contest, and the winning images were incorporated into the mural, so that it would portray the spirit of the community.

This painting was created in my studio, on 4 panels, 4″x8″ each. It was my first mural, and my first “commercial” painting job, usually when I do paintings they are for individuals who enjoy my work but have something specific in mind they’d like me to paint for them. So, I pretty much painted exactly what was on the digital file they e-mailed me, but in retrospect – and especially if I was involved from the beginning, instead of being asked to step in and help complete the project – I should have taken more artistic license with the image. And by that I mean, the hard edged clouds on the left are just not “me”, whereas the soft colourful clouds on the bottom right are much more so. Still, this project was a great experience in many ways!


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