Boudoir – abstract peacock painting

Boudoir - peacock feather painting
Boudoir, 24″x36″, acrylic on canvas, ©2015 Donna Grandin. $1400.

This is one of my favourite paintings right now, but I’m not sure you will get the full effect looking at it online. There’s more subtlety to it in real life, it is feminine without being obnoxiously so, and exudes a lush, luxurious and exotic mood.

There is something of all of that  inherent in peacock imagery – long before I created this painting, pretty girls have been wearing peacock feathers to enhance their own beauty.  However, for my peacock series I really am just taking the motif for a drive, with no particular destination in mind … trying to remain in the moment, painting intuitively. So I am as surprised and delighted as the next person with what evolves from these painting sessions.

There is a sensuous, erotic quality to this painting that I’ve never noticed in my work before (although, a certain St. Lucian artist-writer did touch on it when reviewing my solo exhibition “Floravision”), words like passion, seduction and warmth come to mind when I try to describe the mood.

Although it would enliven any room, for some reason I really envision it in a bedroom … which is why I just had to name it “Boudoir”.  I think it will really appeal to someone who wants to create a romantic atmosphere, someone who would like to “feather” their nest, create a cozy nook full of inspiration and excitement, as well as comfort, safety and indulgence.

Ok, I know I’ve gone overboard with the adjectives in this post, but there is something about this painting that makes me want to gush …

I will probably bring to Art in the Park, Oakville on August 3rd, I hope you can see it in person.

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