Painting timelapse #9 – brushes

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Bristle brushes

Usually synthetic brushes are recommended for use with acrylic paints. But a person’s art is a sum of the myriad of choices they make along the way, from materials, to equipment, to technique etc. 

The combination of these things can be quite unique for an artist, it’s like their artistic fingerprint. It’s how you can pick out one artist’s work from the rest. Their style.

For many years I have found that cheap hog’s hair, or bristle brushes are the best choice for the way I work.

I do a lot of scumbling – applying paint with a dry brush – because I like to apply paint in layers to make the surface more interesting.

The technique is too hard on synthetic brushes, they quickly lose their ability to hold a point/edge.

The natural bristle brushes wear down, but they still hold together quite well. I’ve found I have different uses for them as they go through the various stages of being worn down.


The reference photo I am using for this painting, is from an amazing St. Lucian photographer, Dani Devaux.

I have followed Dani on social media for years, her photos are beautiful, professional, and I especially love her portraits outdoors in the lush St. Lucian landscape.

Then a few months ago she posted an image that fit in well with a theme I wanted to explore in my art. So I asked for her permission to paint from her photo, and she ended up sending me two that I loved.

Right away I transferred the images to canvases, but then I had to wait until I was ready to begin the series.

It is a pleasure to be working from such great photography.

Check out Dani’s website

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