Peacock feathers 3 – 30 paintings in 30 days, #17

Peacock feathers 3, 6"x6", acrylic on canvas, © 2014 Donna Grandin. $100.
Peacock feathers 3, 6″x6″, acrylic on canvas, © 2014 Donna Grandin. $100

Another peacock feather-themed abstraction. I am having fun with these. There is a joyful sense of play, so much potential for new compositions … I have ideas for many other variations I’d like to explore.


Tomorrow morning I will photograph the next mini-series, also peacock feather-inspired. I painted them as a triptych. So in love with how it came out.

I’m looking forward to painting this subject on large canvases. There is an organic, natural flow to the work, that I also have when I paint foliage, it’s like I’m conveying the vitality, movement and life of my subject matter. It is obviously my passion. So, thank you for letting me share it with you.



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