2 thoughts on “Special offer for Newsletter sign-ups before the end of October!”

  1. Hi Donna, I’m already subscribed, but I was wondering if you could tell me how you get your emails sent out automatically from Weebly. I would really like to be able to do that on my Weebly website. Thanks, Karin

    1. Hi Karin, I have a WordPress website, but that doesn’t matter, I set the newsletter up in Mailchimp. I switched to an RSS type newsletter so that it would show links (and excerpts if I want) of posts that I have created on my blog since the last newsletter. My blog is part of my WordPress site. The tricky part was I tried to use my last newsletter as a template & it was set to go out at a certain time, but by the time I did a new post, I’d just missed that time by a couple minutes. So I had to reset it to go for the next hour, and then create a new post to go out before that hour was up. Maybe that’s as clear as mud, but it’s late.

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