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Name change – Gomez to Grandin

The following is a post that I’ve brought over from my original blog where I wrote about exhibitions, career highlights etc. in the 3rd person.

Donna in St. Lucia at her first solo exhibition, in summer 1996.

Some time in 2009, Donna started using her married name, Donna Grandin, on her paintings. Art created previous to this would have been signed with her maiden name, Donna Gomez.

This exhibition was a milestone in my life, I received so much support from family, friends, the press, and the general public who came to see the art. It was held in the showroom of my uncle’s Suzuki car dealership at the time, Sunset Motors Ltd. The artwork was mostly from my third year of study as an art student at McMaster University, and the theme was water … the sea & its inhabitants, real or imagined. Some of the people who became my collectors in that first show are still my most avid fans, and I’ll always be grateful for their love and support.

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