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Ixora painting & Mother’s Day Celebrations

Ixora flowers
Ixora study, 7″x7″, acrylic on canvas, © 2016 Donna Grandin. $130.

Ixora flowers

I am not sure if to call this an orange  or peach ixora, but next to red, it is probably the most popular colour of ixora flowers I’ve seen in St. Lucia. The colour (in combination with the inevitable greens and blues) just seems to convey a sunny, bright, happy mood.

There is also a yellow version, and pink – but that is a simplification, the range is even wider, with shades of each hue. There are a number of varieties available in the Tropics, it is quite common, often used in hedges.

If you live in the Caribbean, you probably have them growing somewhere in your garden, and if you’ve ever vacationed in the Caribbean, you’ve probably got a cluster of these tiny flowers somewhere in your photos (maybe in your pool-side selfie!).

I’ve only painted this subject once before, and in fact I love the painting (Red Ixora) so much, I’ve kept it as my profile photo on my Facebook page for …. more than 2 years (Whaaat?)!

Anyway, I posted a WIP detail of this small painting on Instagram some time back, but this is the first time I’m sharing the whole thing. It would make a lovely Mother’s Day gift for someone.

Mother’s Day celebrations

I am also finishing up another floral painting, for a Spring exhibition at Gallery2Art in Burlington Canada. I will deliver it tomorrow, and it will be up for their Mother’s Day Tea on May 7th.

And in St. Lucia, I have several paintings in the Arts Village May 2-4 which is part of the 25th annual St. Lucia Jazz & Arts Festival.

Wherever you are, I hope you will have a Happy (art-filled) Mother’s Day!



Sexy pink heliconia – 30 in 30 – day 4

Sexy Pink Heliconia 2, 10" x 8", acrylic on canvas, © 2014 Donna Grandin. $100.
Sexy Pink Heliconia 2, 10″ x 8″, acrylic on canvas, © 2014 Donna Grandin. $100.

This variety of heliconia … the “sexy pink” is very exotic looking. I only recently came across it in St. Lucia. We do have a wide range of heliconias … my other favorite is the yellow and red “lobster claw”.

Originally, this was a realistic painting, but I decided it was too busy and I wanted to experiment with carving out the negative space. From there I decided to contrast the realism of the flower with colour blocks. The turquoise is from Paris … Sennelier acrylic … my kind of souvenir.


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