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Edges – peony painting timelapse #6

edges of peony painting
Painting the edges    Scroll down to see timelapse #6.


Should I keep the edges of the painting green, or go with my normal black? I am literally racing the clock right now.

All I had time to do tonight was paint the edges of the peony painting when I got home from our Art & Culture Council’s first AGM.  I’m determined not to fail at my challenge!

My goal is to post a new timelapse video on my blog before midnight each night. Then post the link on the 30 in 30 blog.  See, I told you this accountability thing works.

Anyway, I might change the colour of the edges, I’m leaning towards the green, but am uncertain since I’m so used to seeing them black. I started using black so that the painting would look clean, tidy, and all the paintings in an exhibition would be consistent.

Also, with the more modern gallery wrap – thicker profile canvas – many people just hang the paintings straight on the wall and don’t get them framed. Or when they do, they frame with a black floating frame, and the black sides seem to work well with that.

Authentic edges?

However, I have noticed more and more artists leaving the edges bare.  And I think that is in reaction to the proliferation of gallery wrapped canvas prints.

This way you can see the “artist’s hand”, as in, you get some insight into the process, the layering, the drips, things planned and unplanned. Maybe even into the artist’s personality and motivation. It is about authenticity.

I always thought it was the artist being lazy, messy.  I would take the time to clean the sides of my paintings, maybe even wrapping the image around the edges.

Then one day I had someone walk right past my booth at an International Art Fair because she thought I was exhibiting photographs.  When she realized they were just realistic paintings of flowers and foliage, she came back for a closer look.

I did all realism back then, and I’d put a lot of time & care into each work, even finishing them off with a high gloss varnish.

These days the idea of splashing paint around and getting messy, and leaving the work messy and immediate, holds a lot of appeal.

Green or Black?

Let me know in the comments, which way you would vote – stay green, or change to black?

Then return tomorrow night to see what I decide!

Now I need to go wash the green paint off of my hands. But at least I got into my pj’s when I came home. All you can see in the video is my grey sweater, you can’t tell that it is covered in paint. And that I’m wearing red fleece pants with white polar bears.

Then I can crawl straight into bed, and start it all again at too early o-clock in the morning. Otherwise know as 6:30am, when my alarm goes off to wake the teenagers up for school.

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