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Journey to self – timelapse #7

Journey to self                Scroll down to see timelapse #7

Journey to Self

New painting in progress this morning. Reference photo is from my favourite St. Lucian photographer, I’ll talk more about that when the painting is further along. I don’t really want to talk much about it yet, except to say that the title is Journey to self.

I was done with the timelapse early this morning, but for some reason I really, really procrastinated in writing this blog post.

The peony painting from yesterday is not done, but I usually start something new before going back to finish the first. That’s how I keep the momentum going.

In fact, I got photos to create two paintings based on my friend’s photography, three months ago! But I had big plans with trying a new technique, which involved me taking a laser cutting 101 workshop at the local library.

Timelapse #7

I’m glad to have finally started this painting, but I have to say that things got out of hand pretty quickly.

I aimed the camera at the figure in the painting, intending to just work on her.  Which is opposite to the norm of going from large masses to smaller details. My reason for doing that is that I was planning to use custom stencils to create patterns in the landscape, later on. 

But as I went along, I got into a bit of a frenzy, moving to bigger and bigger brushes and working larger and larger areas of the canvas, some of which were out of view .

Also, I had started working with a new staywet palette for this painting, but when I needed a pink, I decided to open up the peony palette. Before I knew it I was like a crazy person mixing colours in a palette on either side of me!

Looks like I’m getting my painting mojo back.


The vote is in

Oh, and the consensus on the peony painting timelapse from yesterday, was to keep the sides green. In fact, EVERYONE voted for green instead of black. I’m happy with that. 

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