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Dragonfly Miniatures, 337 Sketch Gallery, Hamilton

The following is a post that I’ve brought over from my original blog where I wrote about exhibitions, career highlights etc. in the 3rd person.

Dragonfly Days, 4″x5″ acrylic on canvas, © Donna Grandin, 2012. SOLD

Waiting, 4″x5″ acrylic on canvas, © Donna Grandin, 2012. SOLD
Watching, 4″x5″ acrylic on canvas, © Donna Grandin, 2012.

Available  $170. E-mail: donna@bluerootsartstudio.com

This summer, I camped at Long Point Provincial Park, Ontario with my family, and one morning while everyone else was fishing off a dock, I roamed along the banks of the inlet with my camera. The area was teaming with life, in between the lily pads and moss, there were frogs, dragonflies and here and there a snapping turtle would raise its head, or swim away if startled.

I’ve always wanted to paint dragonflies, there’s something so attractive about their body proportions, the double set of wings counterbalancing the long narrow body. They’re like miniature aeroplanes, zooming around on some crazy flight plan. After a while of observing, and taking photographs, it occurred to me how much more I see, understand, and appreciate about Nature because of my art.

Miniature show, 337 Sketch Gallery, 337 Ottawa St., Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.

Opening Night is Oct. 11 from 7-9 pm. The Show dates are Oct 12-29th.” Regular gallery hours are Thurs – Sat 11-6pm, Sun 12-5pm.

“56 artist’s are participating in the Miniature Show. 150 paintings are being hung on the walls.” Anne Becker 337sketch@gmail.com

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