Welcome to 2015 …


Selfie with my painting "Crotoplosion"
Selfie with my painting “Crotoplosion”

I’d like to thank you all for following my painting adventures last year, and I look forward to sharing new experiences with you in 2015.

I have some exciting things planned, some I can talk about … like teaching art classes in my studio in Burlington, and some that are still hush hush.

Blue Roots Art Studio
Blue Roots Art Studio

This year, I want to build a series of Fernscape paintings, combining realism and abstraction, for a solo exhibition.

Since my last solo exhibition in St. Lucia in 2012, I’ve been experimenting and looking for something in my art.  I’ve had some breakthroughs, and now I’m ready to work on a solid series.

If the art I did before could be seen as my Sunny Tropical Foliage & Flower series, then I think you could say the work I’ve been doing lately could be seen as part of a Night Garden series.

There are yin and yang forces at work here, the light and the dark, the night and the day.  Somehow it feels necessary to complete the circle, to represent both sides.

What are your goals for 2015?



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4 thoughts on “Welcome to 2015 …”

  1. Donna, I’m so excited for you. Your paintings are beautiful and you have a wonderful niche of your own…unique to you. Your studio is gorgeous!!!

    A question about websites ~ I’m thinking of changing my website from weebly to wordpress. Are you liking your wordpress website? I know you changed pretty recently.

    btw this is Karin over at knaylorpaintings.com

    1. Thank you Karin, and best wishes for 2015. I’m enjoying the move to WordPress because now I can edit the site myself, however, it’s a work in progress – there is always more to learn, new plug-ins etc. I’ve heard that Weebly and some of the other template sites are a lot easier to use, I think it all depends on what you want to do on/with the site and how much time you want to spend on the learning curve.

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